Dear all,

As you are probably aware, following a public tender competition the service provider for SPSV vehicle inspections is changing from 1st April next. The new provider will be Applus Car Testing Services Limited, who currently operates the NCT test arrangements.

Applus are currently preparing for this transition.  Up until the end of March, vehicle inspections will be undertaken at the SGS centres.  From 1st April they will be undertaken at the designated Applus centres.

The location and number of test centres will change.  In Dublin, where over half of SPSV suitability tests are undertaken, the arrangements will remain very similar, with one centre on the north side (Northpoint Business Park, Naul Road) and one on the south side (Hibernian Industrial Park, Greenhills Road).

Elsewhere we are proceeding with a smaller number of centres but with those centres open for longer periods.  Under the current arrangements many locations had very limited availability, just two hours every two weeks.  This frequently caused frustrations with late booking drivers unable to get a booking of choice.  The locations of the new centres have been selected to reflect historic demand patterns and geographic spread.  Undoubtedly some people will have to travel further for their inspections but overall the ability to get tests at the nearest location at the time of choice should improve.

Dublin North, Dublin South, Cork, Galway and Sligo will also be capable of administering the Skills test.  In addition, those centres will also include a public counter facility where operators can go to with queries or seeking  information.

To make suitability inspection bookings for any date from 1st April onwards, licence holders should ring the normal industry line at 0761 064 000.  For bookings prior to that date the current arrangements continue to apply.

There are bound to be some issues arising from these changes and we will keep the arrangements under review.

If you need any further information let me know.



Hugh Creegan
Director of Transport Investment and Taxi Regulation