Dear Mr. Foley,
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email.

I wish to advise that the granting of access to Bus Lanes is entirely a matter for the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

Yours sincerely,

Sent on behalf of Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid.

Noel Melvin, Garda,
Divisional Office,
DMR Traffic Division,
Dublin Castle,
Dublin 2.



29/06/2016 13:49

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11/09/2016 23:09

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01/01/2017 00:14

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25/01/2017 06:57

I also believe that matters is a concern that should be addressed to Department of Transport Tourism and Sport. I also appreciate the fact that they ask first a certain request because nowadays most of the people or entities are just doing what they want without asking for permission. I just hope that after writing a letter to DTTS, the request will be approved.

This is a huge problem and our service is here to resolve it. Just become our customer.

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