Dublin Airport - T1 Departures Road Closure

Notice dated: August 31 2015

The Terminal 1 Departures Road will be closed to all vehicles from 4am Tuesday, September 1 until 11am Friday, September 4 to facilitate essential survey work.

Customers wishing to set down at Terminal 1 during these times will be redirected to an alternative drop off location behind the T1 multi-storey car park.

A traffic management system will be in place to help customers during this time.

The Terminal 2 Departures set down area will continue to operate as normal.

Dublin Airport apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of this essential work.



21/06/2016 12:03

Dubbing airport drivers association has given more work for the other side. These roads can be closed through the different reasons. This can be useful and helpful for every individual. It considers that the main reason of the block this road has been disclosed in the different aspects of the traffic.

30/11/2016 03:16

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17/09/2016 21:44

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02/03/2017 20:48

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06/11/2016 02:13

Dublin Airport is my favourite airport! Don't know why, but I'm always happy to be there)

30/11/2016 03:16

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Terminal 2 would work for the whole February! So don't waste your time.

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