To all members;

This year, in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the NCDA Ltd, the

Secretary and Treasurer must stand down. Subsequently, these positions must be filled by the

election of two members (nominated and seconded by members) at the AGM to complete the

formation of the new representative committee.

Can all members consider this, and send their nominations (proposed and seconded) in writing to

the Chairman of the Association Martin Plummer at least 10 days prior to the AGM (22nd of March




08/04/2016 01:31

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28/08/2016 19:40

Looks awesome. It looks like things are going to improve real soon. When someone vacates a post, someone ought to replace it real soon. Has there been any results yet? Has all the members received the complete list of candidates? Keep us posted.

30/11/2016 05:05

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Did these positions really must be filled by the election of two members?

30/05/2016 03:18

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Do you know how many people goes to election? At least half!

20/09/2016 07:18

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